About Us

Starpak Ireland Ltd. is multinational Ireland based group, whose mission to serve Entire Boxing World especially in Europe.

Our priest company “Starpak” is the first high quality Boxing and Martial Arts Protection products in 1984 and thus a new industry was born.

Starpak now factually acts as an institution for this Boxing industry. Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) has approved 24 brands for Boxing Gloves and Head Guards and 60% of Starpak products. Also our products are approved by USA Boxing Association.

Starpak Ireland Ltd on the other hand co sponsor for the Irish Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) and providing its best services to all the Boxing and Martial Arts clubs in Ireland as well as Northern Ireland, every year Starpak Ireland Ltd involve to organize the Final Amateur Competitions held in National Stadium Dublin, our rating and customers trust is highly significant and as Asset for us.

Starpak brand is being exported all over Europe and America to the leading brands and we are helping set higher standards for personal protection and aesthetic looks.

Starpak Ireland Ltd will continue to uphold the resolve to provide the best sporting equipment especially boxing and promote World peace through fitness sports.